The Cyber Hawk revolution is here.

Local experts from every field of IT came together.
The purpose - to help businesses grow and build things people use.

Cyber Hawk is an IT company, digital agency and engineering hub.

We believe that you should feel confident that you're getting professional level IT services.

Website Development

Whether your business model is the next Uber, want an online store or just want something attractive for clients to visit. Our specialty is creating a feature filled online brand presense.

Cyber Security

In a world where technology is every changing, you want to be sure that your system's integrity, availabily and confidentiality is never at risk.

Computer Repairs

Is your computer, printer or other machine experiencing hardware or software problems? Our specialists are here.

Graphic Designing

Graphic helps to set the tone for how we look at a businesses and attracts us to what they have to offer. From logo design, Company Branding to photography and video editing - just let us know.


From home to office we will offer all your networking needs.

Mobile Development

Reach your market in the place where they're most avialable and make your key services more readily available. Keep your brand on top by offering a Mobile App.

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We would like to get to know you and your business in order to create solutions that you'll love.

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Lets Push Boundaries - Together

Making your brand vision become a reality is what we do but why not push your idea further?


Want to know how to make your ideas a reality? Get professional advice backed by experienced innovators.

Project management and execution

Talk to us and lets get your project started or back on track.

Your needs first

We will beat anyone else's price while providing much more.